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You Like Me. You Really Like Me. And…Creepy Dolls

I can’t believe it. I signed in for the first time in months and I see that people are actually LOOKING AT my blog.

Who knew?

I like you back!

And now for something creepy.


Yes, dolls. They’re creepy all by themselves, aren’t they? Even the most innocent ones. There’s just something about dolls that weirds people out.

But not all people.

And that brings me to…


Baby “Treasure.”

My reborn dolls.

“Reborn” (I don’t love the term, but it is what it is) refers to either a factory-made complete doll or a factory-made complete kit that has been reworked by an artist, usually to look more realistic.

“Why?” you may ask. “I don’t know,” I answer. Somehow, I am intrigued by these dolls. I absolutely love trying to make them look as realistic as possible.

But now for the good part: in honor of Halloween, I am creating vampire dolls.

So far, I have completed two: Alexandria and Wisteria. Alexandria is scarier (forbidding-looking sculpt and red eyes); Wisteria is more of a baby-baby…with fangs. I’m working on a third baby, Nicolette, an 18th century dark little darling in the court of King Louis XVI. This third little baby has nearly white-blonde hair, a made-up powder-and-rouge French look and even a tiny mole on one cheek. Mais oui!

These bad little girls are part of the Eternally Yours collection at Melanie Kathryn Reborns.

The first two have been “adopted” by mommies (and daddies!) who love them. They just don’t hold them too close to the neck.

Enjoy, my weenies! It’s September…we’re getting there!




Wistful Wisteria.


Nicolette – work in progress pic.


That Spooky Feeling

Anyone notice this, or is it just me?

Things just feel different on the nights leading up to Halloween.

The days have been just like any other – work, school, taking care of the house, shopping, mundane stuff. The nights technically are no different – about the same temperature, nightfall happening at about the same time.



Yet as nighttime falls on the days just before Halloween, somehow, the darkness is spookier. The wind is more sinister, and it seems to be whispering things we don’t understand and can never truly know. The rustle of the leaves is somehow different; they skitter along with almost a sense of expectation…of hurry. Because something’s coming. And if we don’t know it, nature – and the supernatural all around us – does.

Perhaps I’m just crazy. Perhaps there really is something in the air, grown from the collective conscious and unconscious of an entire culture celebrating the same thing at the same time. Perhaps it’s just the knowledge that light, cheery summertime really is over, and the darker, shorter days have begun.

Whatever it is, the nights truly do feel different…and I love it. I absolutely love these final, hushed, expectant, eerie — hell, downright scary nights just before The Big Event. For me, it always happens with the lighting of that first candle inside the very first caved jack-o-lantern. My kids and I carved our pumpkins last night, and I lit the candles…and I felt it.

To everyone, have a scary, delicious, fun, funny, freaky, nostalgic and purely wonderful Halloween. It comes just once a year, though of course around here, we celebrate its eerie joys all year long. Tomorrow we’ll be doing about the same thing as always – the Halloween parade at school, trick-or-treating, handing out candy, watching spooky movies. Yet it will be amazing – because Halloween night truly does deliver its own special magic.

Come on, hold hands with me and let’s jump across that rent in the veil together. Tomorrow night, whatever happens, even if it’s nothing out of the ordinary for a Halloween night, it truly will be special.

A Little Decoratin’.

It begins….enjoy, my Weenies!

LOL! Bad Son. Bad.

That’s it, kid. You’re out of the will. (Thanks to ScaryDad for the image.)


“She threw her Nook at me…” LOL, oh dear God. That boy would never see the light of day again in our house. I put you into this world, boy, I can take you out…

Hyperflesh Masks: I…I Just Made a Pee-Pee in My Pants.


Actually, he probably doesn’t look this good in real life. Image: incrediblethings.com


I really did. ‘Scuze me. (adjusting underwear) (/adjusting off) Okay, I’m back.

No wait. I just did it again.

Why? Because of these. Dear gawd. There’s creepy, and then there’s creepier. And then there’s…Hyperflesh masks.

Of course, I can’t help but admire the realism. These masks are amazing. Uh-MAY-zing.

Does it come with a bail bond? Image: incrediblethings.com

Does it come with a bail bond? Image: incrediblethings.com

Granted they’re expensive — the ugly baby is $350 — but I have to think any true haunter worth his or her salt would put out the coin for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to send party guests, co-workers and innocent children directly into therapy.

I won’t be going for The Big Buy myself. I’m already overbudget for Halloween — oh hell, who am I kidding? I went overbudget somewhere around mid-March.

But do check these out. You may never sleep again, but it’s definitely worth the peek.

How the Hallows Are Ya?

SoCal natives struggling through winter 2013. Image: rwongphoto.com

SoCal natives struggling through Winter 2013. Image: rwongphoto.com

Well folks, with the white and fluffy holidays done and gone, it’s back to obsessing on Halloween. Yay! So I thought I’d check in with y’all.

Hallow the hell are all my peeps? Hope you had a weenie of a good time this year with The Other Holiday and all that. In my neck of the woods, spring has already sprung, but then again, we never do get a proper winter. We get summer, fall and…summer.

It doesn’t suck, except that mild temps year-round mean a later turning of tree leaves (only a few trees have changed color by Halloween) and precious little crispness in the air until at least Christmas.

I haven’t posted in quite some time. I was a bit bummed post-holidays. My husband claims it was Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I said, “But we haven’t had any seasons yet since we moved here eight years ago.” Maybe it was just, I don’t know, AD. Or Los Angeles Mid-year Ennui (LAME). I created a new disorder, anybody on board?

Other than that brief drop into darkness of the un-fun kind (usually darkness is full of awesome), I can’t complain. I’m undead, well, and ready to start thinking about 2013’s haunt! I may go nostalgia this year. We shall see, my weenies. Talk to you all soon, and stay ween-y!

Charlie Brown Halloween, Man Dick, What is My Weenie Gonna Be for Halloween?

According to WordPress’s data, those are the three most popular search results that have led to my blog this week.

No. Seriously. Stop laughing. This is legitimate stuff. What is your weenie gonna be for Halloween?

p.s. “Man dick”?

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