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Boney Island…Too Damned Cool!

Yeah baby! Image: mikethefanboy.com

Yeah baby! Image: mikethefanboy.com

Hey, SoCal weenies. Been to Studio City lately? If so, did you lamely tour the amazing neighborhoods, the LA River Walk, the Brady Bunch house and CBS Studio Center? What the hell for when you could have been at this family’s awesome house? (All right, so technically, it’s Sherman Oaks but meh, once you’re taken the hideous stopped-freeway-drive-through-hell that distinction kind of blurs.)

But aaaaaaaaanyway. Yep. That’s a house, people. It goes by the half-cute moniker of Boney Island, but don’t be fooled. This family sets up every year and allows, with free entry (my favorite price, frankly, any time of year), total strangers to walk the absolutely amazing, one-notch-above-kick-ass animatronics and synched singing of thousands of props.

There are goodies for sale supporting a new charity each year, and the walk through the Holy Shit Treehouse (I don’t know if that’s the actual name, but that’s what I thought when I stared up its winding-staircase double-story height) is $10. But barring those little costs, yes, you can walk this person’s yard and view the staggering setup for a total price of absolute fuck-all.

My kind of place!

Check it out if you can. It’s open nightly 6-10 from Oct. 24-31 at 4602 Morse Ave. Below are a few amateur shots from Mr. Weenie’s phone. They just don’t do the place justice. You’ll want to go a-Googlin’ for more.

(And by the way, check out the Yelp reviews. They’re overwhelmingly positive but hardly do the place justice either. I’m telling you. Just go, Weenies. Fabulous fun for nada in a cute neighborhood…where you’d least expect it…FABULOUS.)

Holy hell. That's a treehouse.

Holy hell. That’s a treehouse.

At the front of the house.

At the front of the house.

Ev laughing, Col looking just so happy to be alive.

Ev laughing, Col looking just so happy to be alive.

Decor, top of house.

Decor, top of house.

Like practically everything else at the house, these move.

Like practically everything else at the house, these move.


And On Today’s Edition of Divorce Court…

I like to call this little vignette “If the Marx Brothers Had Ever Tied the Knot” (or simply: You Are Never Sleeping With Me Again).  p.s. You WISH this were your marriage.

Halloween and its Origins In Basketball

“It is believed that the Celtics were the originators of Halloween.”

Who knew? Go Celtics!

The originators of Halloween, in their winning 2008 season.

The originators of Halloween, in their winning 2008 season.

Jack Chick Tracts: Kids, Don’t Let This Happen To You

Poor Timmy. If ONLY he had never...read this Jack Chick tract.

Poor Timmy. If ONLY he had never…read this Jack Chick tract.

I’m totally giving these out this Halloween. Because it’s been such a long time since I’ve had my house egged, my car keyed, had my children made permanent pariahs and ensured that they never, ever get laid until they leave town and change their names.

Kids! Save yourselves! Burn a bunch of these.

How Different Age Groups Celebrate Halloween

Tee hee.

This list could have been a little slicker, but it still gave me a giggle. Click the linkie and enjoy, weenies!



LOL! Bad Son. Bad.

That’s it, kid. You’re out of the will. (Thanks to ScaryDad for the image.)


“She threw her Nook at me…” LOL, oh dear God. That boy would never see the light of day again in our house. I put you into this world, boy, I can take you out…

OMG! (Snicker)

I know I shouldn’t laugh. But this is just…too good. In a middle school kind of way. Then again, what were you expecting from someone who giggles about the word Weenie a hundred times in every post?

She isn’t always well-dressed. bff.tv

Anyway, on with the show. The latest media snipe is: how about a Kate Middleton costume this Halloween? The wearer would go topless with electrical tape in the shape of Xs over the boobs. Meow! Bad paparazzi.

All I can say is: I dare ya to wear it. (Psych! I KNOW you thought that was going to be a dirty picture.)

Brings new meaning to the phrase “princess costume.” And yes, I’m putting that in the tags.

The Older I Get, the More I Appreciate Dick

This is so full of OMG!, I hardly know where to begin. disneytravelbabble.com/blog

(You all knew this was going to be about some man named Dick, I mean come on.)

Now here’s a Dick you can really appreciate, Weenies. (That’s a triple-entendre, I guess? I mean…three references including the title. Or does it go exponentially, making it a quadruple entendre in the text and a double in the heading? Or…’k, never mind.)

Yeah. So. Check out what a creepy guy Dick Van Dyke is!

I honest to dog wanna go slap this guy a big ol’ high-five. In fact, this side of Dick is so full of cool I might even catch him on the flip side. (And finish with knuckles, naturally.)

Dick in his normal upright position. Photo: Zimbio.com

His setup is absolutely amazing (see link above for more pics and video). He has a Reanimator, a twitching, smoking “execution,” a spider-bundled victim hanging from a tree, and a bajillion tombstones.

He has help nowadays (see article), but apparently has been hand-creating his own Halloween props since his children were little. He also has a good bit of store-bought hauntery. Altogether, it’s…well, it’s just cool!

Who knew? Let’s hear it for the secret creepies (Martha Stewart is another) who show their true grim colors each Halloween…and are proud of it!

Things That Make Ya Go Hmm: Haunted Collector Dilemma

Okay, Weenies. This is bugging me.

Okay, John. Just step away from the clown. Pic: feardance.com

I mean I really want to know.

So when the Haunted Collector (John Zaffis) takes the negativity-infested items away and brings them back to the John Zaffis Museum of the Paranormal (located in his HOME, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa), why doesn’t he get haunted?

Seriously. What, putting it under that glass thingie is going to keep the haunted watch or haunted garter or haunted Triscuit or what-have-you from excreting bad spirit juice into the ether?

The magical glass…thingie.

If that’s what does it, why not just bring a glass thingie to the person’s house and give it to them? They’d have a hell of a conversation piece, anyway. “Guess what! The shit under this glass is HAUNTED.”

Inquiring Weenies want to know.

By the way, I think John Zaffis is hawt. John and Weenie: try getting that terrifying image out of your mind. Juuuuuust try.

Weenie Watch!

Ooo. Looks fun.

Aweenielife.com is proud to announce the launch of Weenie Watch, a list of upcoming movies from various genres including thrillers, horror, sci fi, steampunk and fantasy.

Movie release dates along with review and info links can be found in the home page sidebar.

Check back frequently for new movie updates…it’ll be a scream!


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