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You Like Me. You Really Like Me. And…Creepy Dolls

I can’t believe it. I signed in for the first time in months and I see that people are actually LOOKING AT my blog.

Who knew?

I like you back!

And now for something creepy.


Yes, dolls. They’re creepy all by themselves, aren’t they? Even the most innocent ones. There’s just something about dolls that weirds people out.

But not all people.

And that brings me to…


Baby “Treasure.”

My reborn dolls.

“Reborn” (I don’t love the term, but it is what it is) refers to either a factory-made complete doll or a factory-made complete kit that has been reworked by an artist, usually to look more realistic.

“Why?” you may ask. “I don’t know,” I answer. Somehow, I am intrigued by these dolls. I absolutely love trying to make them look as realistic as possible.

But now for the good part: in honor of Halloween, I am creating vampire dolls.

So far, I have completed two: Alexandria and Wisteria. Alexandria is scarier (forbidding-looking sculpt and red eyes); Wisteria is more of a baby-baby…with fangs. I’m working on a third baby, Nicolette, an 18th century dark little darling in the court of King Louis XVI. This third little baby has nearly white-blonde hair, a made-up powder-and-rouge French look and even a tiny mole on one cheek. Mais oui!

These bad little girls are part of the Eternally Yours collection at Melanie Kathryn Reborns.

The first two have been “adopted” by mommies (and daddies!) who love them. They just don’t hold them too close to the neck.

Enjoy, my weenies! It’s September…we’re getting there!




Wistful Wisteria.


Nicolette – work in progress pic.


A Little Decoratin’.

It begins….enjoy, my Weenies!


(repost from Myspace, Halloweenmelanie)

The last of the primroses has been plucked.
I’d have thought the buds were forever.
But were there a forever,
We wouldn’t love the struggling bloom so much.

The bud sits in a last mad glory,
On a table strewn with apples
In a house that begins to smell of cinnamon
And glows with lamps on earlier nights.

Posies give way to marigolds,
Pools are emptied and pencils taken up,
The clothing is neater, with starchy creases.
The world gathers, getting ready.

The last of the primroses has been plucked;
Autumn is on its way.

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