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Boney Island…Too Damned Cool!

Yeah baby! Image: mikethefanboy.com

Yeah baby! Image: mikethefanboy.com

Hey, SoCal weenies. Been to Studio City lately? If so, did you lamely tour the amazing neighborhoods, the LA River Walk, the Brady Bunch house and CBS Studio Center? What the hell for when you could have been at this family’s awesome house? (All right, so technically, it’s Sherman Oaks but meh, once you’re taken the hideous stopped-freeway-drive-through-hell that distinction kind of blurs.)

But aaaaaaaaanyway. Yep. That’s a house, people. It goes by the half-cute moniker of Boney Island, but don’t be fooled. This family sets up every year and allows, with free entry (my favorite price, frankly, any time of year), total strangers to walk the absolutely amazing, one-notch-above-kick-ass animatronics and synched singing of thousands of props.

There are goodies for sale supporting a new charity each year, and the walk through the Holy Shit Treehouse (I don’t know if that’s the actual name, but that’s what I thought when I stared up its winding-staircase double-story height) is $10. But barring those little costs, yes, you can walk this person’s yard and view the staggering setup for a total price of absolute fuck-all.

My kind of place!

Check it out if you can. It’s open nightly 6-10 from Oct. 24-31 at 4602 Morse Ave. Below are a few amateur shots from Mr. Weenie’s phone. They just don’t do the place justice. You’ll want to go a-Googlin’ for more.

(And by the way, check out the Yelp reviews. They’re overwhelmingly positive but hardly do the place justice either. I’m telling you. Just go, Weenies. Fabulous fun for nada in a cute neighborhood…where you’d least expect it…FABULOUS.)

Holy hell. That's a treehouse.

Holy hell. That’s a treehouse.

At the front of the house.

At the front of the house.

Ev laughing, Col looking just so happy to be alive.

Ev laughing, Col looking just so happy to be alive.

Decor, top of house.

Decor, top of house.

Like practically everything else at the house, these move.

Like practically everything else at the house, these move.


A Little Decoratin’.

It begins….enjoy, my Weenies!

It’s a Boy! And a Girl! And a Boy and a Girl and a Boy and a Girl

That’s right, my Weenies! I’m a proud parent once again…this time, of sextuplets. Or I hope they will be (more on that in a minute). Lookie here. My little babies. I’m so proud (sniffle):


Having unfortunately killed off my first litter due to neglect (those were planted back in May), I had the sudden inspiration to try one last time, with my little ones planted front and center under my window, where I can’t help but see (and hopefully water) them.

There are three nice sprouts there. If all goes as biologically planned, that should mean plenty of males (why are there always more males? And they’re always more desperate) on all three plants, and hopefully females on at least one of those — or better yet, all three.

They’re in close proximity so that these little siblings can cross-polinate willy nilly when the time comes. (Eww…how very…Biblical.) Keep your fingers crossed, my Weenies! I may just have some little orange babies for the trick-or-treaters to see walking up the front steps this Halloween (and some pickables by Thanksgiving)!

Hyperflesh Masks: I…I Just Made a Pee-Pee in My Pants.


Actually, he probably doesn’t look this good in real life. Image: incrediblethings.com


I really did. ‘Scuze me. (adjusting underwear) (/adjusting off) Okay, I’m back.

No wait. I just did it again.

Why? Because of these. Dear gawd. There’s creepy, and then there’s creepier. And then there’s…Hyperflesh masks.

Of course, I can’t help but admire the realism. These masks are amazing. Uh-MAY-zing.

Does it come with a bail bond? Image: incrediblethings.com

Does it come with a bail bond? Image: incrediblethings.com

Granted they’re expensive — the ugly baby is $350 — but I have to think any true haunter worth his or her salt would put out the coin for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to send party guests, co-workers and innocent children directly into therapy.

I won’t be going for The Big Buy myself. I’m already overbudget for Halloween — oh hell, who am I kidding? I went overbudget somewhere around mid-March.

But do check these out. You may never sleep again, but it’s definitely worth the peek.

Do You Love It?

You know you love it! Is this fun or what? I absolutely loved this little creation. I’m definitely rocking it again this year. Without further ado, heeeeeeeeeeeere he is:

Now let’s just hope my little chilluns haven’t stolen and totally wrecked the snakes AND I can find them in the garage (is it appropriate to ask the Halloween gods for two miracles in a row?).


The Weenie

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