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It’s a Boy! And a Girl! And a Boy and a Girl and a Boy and a Girl

That’s right, my Weenies! I’m a proud parent once again…this time, of sextuplets. Or I hope they will be (more on that in a minute). Lookie here. My little babies. I’m so proud (sniffle):


Having unfortunately killed off my first litter due to neglect (those were planted back in May), I had the sudden inspiration to try one last time, with my little ones planted front and center under my window, where I can’t help but see (and hopefully water) them.

There are three nice sprouts there. If all goes as biologically planned, that should mean plenty of males (why are there always more males? And they’re always more desperate) on all three plants, and hopefully females on at least one of those — or better yet, all three.

They’re in close proximity so that these little siblings can cross-polinate willy nilly when the time comes. (Eww…how very…Biblical.) Keep your fingers crossed, my Weenies! I may just have some little orange babies for the trick-or-treaters to see walking up the front steps this Halloween (and some pickables by Thanksgiving)!

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