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What. No Slutty Forensic Entomologists?

Yep, this is for sure what I've always wanted to be. Undressed.

Yep, this is for sure what I’ve always wanted to be. Undressed.

Ever notice how every woman’s Halloween costume is a slutty something? Slutty nurse, slutty librarian, slutty cheerleader, slutty zombie, slutty Margaret Thatcher.

(Okay, so I haven’t actually seen a slutty Margartet Thatcher…yet. I’m sure it’s out there.)

When it comes to Halloween, guys get to have all the fun. They can be ax murderers without showing a single shred of skin. They can be corporate stiffs, private detectives, boxes of crayons (yes, with real pants underneath the box), whatever the hell they want.

But with women, if you don’t let loose a good strong line of cleavage (in either crack…or preferably, both),  it just isn’t a costume.

Well, take a gander at this. Because it’s called “Take Back Halloween,” I assumed this site would be either a call to the retro or a lot of Wiccans pleading with big eyes. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Wiccans. Don’t you get all up in my stuff, now.)

What the...? I'll bet these chicks never did a beer bong in their lives.

What the…? I’ll bet these chicks never did a beer bong in their lives.

Nope. It’s “a costume guide for women with imagination.” Imagination? What’s that? And does it have anything to do with nipples and Hennessy?

If you have a double-X genotype and love Halloween, you have got to check out this site. Cool costumes — some with a sexiness for sure, but absolutely no slutty forensic entomologists.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to that slutty chicken sexer costume I’ve been working on.




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2 thoughts on “What. No Slutty Forensic Entomologists?

  1. the slutty “this or that” halloween “costume” has to be abolished. im a straight guy, i live in vegas and even i am annoyed with the whole slutty costume thing. just as clichéd: any costume with blood added to it. i.e., around the eyes, the mouth, all over the front of the costume, etc… f@ck*ng lame. i like this page. 😄

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