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How the Hallows Are Ya?

SoCal natives struggling through winter 2013. Image: rwongphoto.com

SoCal natives struggling through Winter 2013. Image: rwongphoto.com

Well folks, with the white and fluffy holidays done and gone, it’s back to obsessing on Halloween. Yay! So I thought I’d check in with y’all.

Hallow the hell are all my peeps? Hope you had a weenie of a good time this year with The Other Holiday and all that. In my neck of the woods, spring has already sprung, but then again, we never do get a proper winter. We get summer, fall and…summer.

It doesn’t suck, except that mild temps year-round mean a later turning of tree leaves (only a few trees have changed color by Halloween) and precious little crispness in the air until at least Christmas.

I haven’t posted in quite some time. I was a bit bummed post-holidays. My husband claims it was Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I said, “But we haven’t had any seasons yet since we moved here eight years ago.” Maybe it was just, I don’t know, AD. Or Los Angeles Mid-year Ennui (LAME). I created a new disorder, anybody on board?

Other than that brief drop into darkness of the un-fun kind (usually darkness is full of awesome), I can’t complain. I’m undead, well, and ready to start thinking about 2013’s haunt! I may go nostalgia this year. We shall see, my weenies. Talk to you all soon, and stay ween-y!

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