A Weenie Life

All things Halloween-ie.

OMG! (Snicker)

I know I shouldn’t laugh. But this is just…too good. In a middle school kind of way. Then again, what were you expecting from someone who giggles about the word Weenie a hundred times in every post?

She isn’t always well-dressed. bff.tv

Anyway, on with the show. The latest media snipe is: how about a Kate Middleton costume this Halloween? The wearer would go topless with electrical tape in the shape of Xs over the boobs. Meow! Bad paparazzi.

All I can say is: I dare ya to wear it. (Psych! I KNOW you thought that was going to be a dirty picture.)

Brings new meaning to the phrase “princess costume.” And yes, I’m putting that in the tags.


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