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Can’t Wait for Halloween – Hurry Up, Oct. 27!

My take? Both Halloween and trick-or-treat are Oct. 31, no matter what may stand in the way. (Photo: Boston Globe)

WHAT the…?

I keep hearing of cities that move their trick-or-treat days to accommodate a number of possible conflicts, such as:

…High school football games (yes, for real)

…Sundays — we can’t have the devil running about on a holy day, can we?

…weekdays v. weekends (apparently, weekends are better in general)

Trick-or-treat preempted for a local football game? Really? Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer my Halloween to fall on, you know, Halloween.

And okay. I get that trick-or-treat is technically not Halloween itself. Halloween is the night before a Christian calendar day. Trick-or-treating, though it ties in, is an all-out candy and fantasy gorge. (Yay!)

But come on now, folks. You can’t do Halloween Monday through Thursday because there’s school the next day? Trick-or-treat is, like, two hours long, folks. Curfews have seen to that. The activity is not an all-nighter (unfortunately — I’d have been the kid still knocking on doors at midnight).

And you can’t do it on Sunday because “Halloween is a day for Christian worship”? Oh not really. That old saw again? I thought we’d put erroneous info on the Celts to rest by now.

What do you think? Would you be A-ok with your town moving your kids’ trick-or-treating day? Honestly, if that were to happen in my town, I’d deal — Oct. 31 is still Oct. 31, and I’d still go crazy with candle-lit jacks and the whole bit. But I’d feel a little nostalgic, in a sad way.


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