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Charlie Brown Halloween, Man Dick, What is My Weenie Gonna Be for Halloween?

According to WordPress’s data, those are the three most popular search results that have led to my blog this week.

No. Seriously. Stop laughing. This is legitimate stuff. What is your weenie gonna be for Halloween?

p.s. “Man dick”?

OMG! (Snicker)

I know I shouldn’t laugh. But this is just…too good. In a middle school kind of way. Then again, what were you expecting from someone who giggles about the word Weenie a hundred times in every post?

She isn’t always well-dressed. bff.tv

Anyway, on with the show. The latest media snipe is: how about a Kate Middleton costume this Halloween? The wearer would go topless with electrical tape in the shape of Xs over the boobs. Meow! Bad paparazzi.

All I can say is: I dare ya to wear it. (Psych! I KNOW you thought that was going to be a dirty picture.)

Brings new meaning to the phrase “princess costume.” And yes, I’m putting that in the tags.

Can’t Wait for Halloween – Hurry Up, Oct. 27!

My take? Both Halloween and trick-or-treat are Oct. 31, no matter what may stand in the way. (Photo: Boston Globe)

WHAT the…?

I keep hearing of cities that move their trick-or-treat days to accommodate a number of possible conflicts, such as:

…High school football games (yes, for real)

…Sundays — we can’t have the devil running about on a holy day, can we?

…weekdays v. weekends (apparently, weekends are better in general)

Trick-or-treat preempted for a local football game? Really? Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer my Halloween to fall on, you know, Halloween.

And okay. I get that trick-or-treat is technically not Halloween itself. Halloween is the night before a Christian calendar day. Trick-or-treating, though it ties in, is an all-out candy and fantasy gorge. (Yay!)

But come on now, folks. You can’t do Halloween Monday through Thursday because there’s school the next day? Trick-or-treat is, like, two hours long, folks. Curfews have seen to that. The activity is not an all-nighter (unfortunately — I’d have been the kid still knocking on doors at midnight).

And you can’t do it on Sunday because “Halloween is a day for Christian worship”? Oh not really. That old saw again? I thought we’d put erroneous info on the Celts to rest by now.

What do you think? Would you be A-ok with your town moving your kids’ trick-or-treating day? Honestly, if that were to happen in my town, I’d deal — Oct. 31 is still Oct. 31, and I’d still go crazy with candle-lit jacks and the whole bit. But I’d feel a little nostalgic, in a sad way.

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