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The Older I Get, the More I Appreciate Dick

This is so full of OMG!, I hardly know where to begin. disneytravelbabble.com/blog

(You all knew this was going to be about some man named Dick, I mean come on.)

Now here’s a Dick you can really appreciate, Weenies. (That’s a triple-entendre, I guess? I mean…three references including the title. Or does it go exponentially, making it a quadruple entendre in the text and a double in the heading? Or…’k, never mind.)

Yeah. So. Check out what a creepy guy Dick Van Dyke is!

I honest to dog wanna go slap this guy a big ol’ high-five. In fact, this side of Dick is so full of cool I might even catch him on the flip side. (And finish with knuckles, naturally.)

Dick in his normal upright position. Photo: Zimbio.com

His setup is absolutely amazing (see link above for more pics and video). He has a Reanimator, a twitching, smoking “execution,” a spider-bundled victim hanging from a tree, and a bajillion tombstones.

He has help nowadays (see article), but apparently has been hand-creating his own Halloween props since his children were little. He also has a good bit of store-bought hauntery. Altogether, it’s…well, it’s just cool!

Who knew? Let’s hear it for the secret creepies (Martha Stewart is another) who show their true grim colors each Halloween…and are proud of it!


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