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Countdown to Terror (and Fun): The Walking Dead 2012

He’s only clinging to non-life long enough to catch the Season 3 premiere.

Come hungry, folks! (Mmmm, braaaaaaaains!) Season 3 of The Walking Dead is just 52 days away.

How do I know? Glad you asked. There are WD countdown apps, too. Don’t get me started, I just might not stop. Can’t wait for a (not so) fresh season! Yummo!

They’re Baaaaaack. And This Time, They Want Money

Oh go away. I waste enough money on my own family. (Pic: Unicef.org)

It’s 1974. I’m standing at a stranger’s door with my sister (who is trying hard to get rid of me) and a few tag-alongs we picked up on our trick-or-treating route in Suburbia, USA.

Not a parent is in sight along the very dark street filled with people hiding their identities…God bless the dangerous 70s. The door before us swings open and we’re greeted with syrupy faux-fear. (It’s Oct. 31 after dusk, lady, what on earth did you think this was going to be? A meter reading?)

We kids all take a collective breath and say, “Trick or treat!”

Well, except for this Weenie (guilty as charged), who is sickeningly obedient and says, as directed by teachers earlier in the day: “Trick or treat for Unicef!”

As we walk away, my sister hisses at me, “You should never ask for money! They’re going to think you’re keeping it for yourself!” I notice, however, that there had been some whiff of relief rising from her hot, sweaty costume as she held out her own orange Unicef box. I know that she’s thinking at least she didn’t have to say it.

Ah, memories. Well guess what, children of the globe: the humiliation is back! With a box decorating contest to boot — see linkey.

I do get that Unicef is a long-standing organization and that (as far as I can tell) they really do mean well. But I’m still gonna laugh behind my hand when trick-or-treaters come to my door this year, poking one another until SOMEBODY says the humiliating Unicef bit.

I can’t help it. They’re gonna EARN that nickel, dammit. Why in the 70s, a nickel could buy a regional hotel chain and we had to do humiliating things plus take out the garbage, walk to school and…hey. Did you just fall asleep??? I tell ya. No freaking respect nowadays. GET OFF MY LAWN.

“Where Has My Weenie Gone?” And: Turn of the Screw

Halloween: get some. Photo: Brit on flickr.com

I know I haven’t been posting much these past couple of weeks. Surely this is leading my readers (both of them!) to wonder, “Where’s my Weenie?”

Fear not (or be full of fear, which is way more fun): Weenie is alive, well and upright. She merely took a vacation or two (or three — don’t be jealous) with her little Weenies and the Weenie Man.

She returned to 100+ degree weather (sorry to my Canuck friends, I don’t know what that translates to in Celsius), which didn’t feel, well, very Halloween-ie.

I just love a cheap quickie. Don’t worry: I’ll let you know how it was for me.

Nevertheless, fall is now only five weeks away, and you’ve never seen a Weenie jump around with so much excitement! I’m sitting on my hands not to start decorating and creeping up the place already. I swore to the hubs I’d wait at least until September…which quite frankly is killing me. I have never been the patient type.

I’m getting revved up by catching every horror movie I can — oh hell, who am I kidding? I do that all year. But the other night I caught The Innocents, based on The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, and I decided I’d read the novella. It’s my first time, though I am not a James virgin per se. (Oh James! You devil you.)

I’ll review the book after I’ve finished it. This should be a quickie. I don’t normally go for novellas, but I was intrigued. So until then, my Weenies…stay cool and keep being scary!

The Older I Get, the More I Appreciate Dick

This is so full of OMG!, I hardly know where to begin. disneytravelbabble.com/blog

(You all knew this was going to be about some man named Dick, I mean come on.)

Now here’s a Dick you can really appreciate, Weenies. (That’s a triple-entendre, I guess? I mean…three references including the title. Or does it go exponentially, making it a quadruple entendre in the text and a double in the heading? Or…’k, never mind.)

Yeah. So. Check out what a creepy guy Dick Van Dyke is!

I honest to dog wanna go slap this guy a big ol’ high-five. In fact, this side of Dick is so full of cool I might even catch him on the flip side. (And finish with knuckles, naturally.)

Dick in his normal upright position. Photo: Zimbio.com

His setup is absolutely amazing (see link above for more pics and video). He has a Reanimator, a twitching, smoking “execution,” a spider-bundled victim hanging from a tree, and a bajillion tombstones.

He has help nowadays (see article), but apparently has been hand-creating his own Halloween props since his children were little. He also has a good bit of store-bought hauntery. Altogether, it’s…well, it’s just cool!

Who knew? Let’s hear it for the secret creepies (Martha Stewart is another) who show their true grim colors each Halloween…and are proud of it!

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