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Things That Make Ya Go Hmm: Haunted Collector Dilemma

Okay, Weenies. This is bugging me.

Okay, John. Just step away from the clown. Pic: feardance.com

I mean I really want to know.

So when the Haunted Collector (John Zaffis) takes the negativity-infested items away and brings them back to the John Zaffis Museum of the Paranormal (located in his HOME, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa), why doesn’t he get haunted?

Seriously. What, putting it under that glass thingie is going to keep the haunted watch or haunted garter or haunted Triscuit or what-have-you from excreting bad spirit juice into the ether?

The magical glass…thingie.

If that’s what does it, why not just bring a glass thingie to the person’s house and give it to them? They’d have a hell of a conversation piece, anyway. “Guess what! The shit under this glass is HAUNTED.”

Inquiring Weenies want to know.

By the way, I think John Zaffis is hawt. John and Weenie: try getting that terrifying image out of your mind. Juuuuuust try.


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