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Will Halloween 3D Be Axed in Favor of a Remake?

I’m really starting to like bloody-disgusting.com. It’s quite the resource for Weenies like myself.

Thank you sir, may we have yet another? Photo: fanpop.com

According to bloody-disgusting, the long-awaited Halloween 3D, which had been put on the back burner, could be headed for the permanent chopping block after all.

But there’s a new possibility: rather than permanently scratching the movie idea, there may be a remake (we’re thinking probably not for 2012, though). Decisions, decisions.

In the linked article, B-D put forth a good question: which is better, the 3D or an entirely new remake (“new remake” sounds redundant, doesn’t it)?

I’m good with the original Halloween myself. It’s iconic in so many different ways and I just don’t think that particular feeling has been recaptured yet. But I admit if a new Halloween comes out, I’ll probably be grabbing a seat and a feedbucket size pop corn.

What do you think, my Weenies? Is it a severed thumb up or down for a new Halloween?


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One thought on “Will Halloween 3D Be Axed in Favor of a Remake?

  1. I think it’s too soon. Although, like you I would very likely see it.
    I think Rob Zombie missed the mark on this one though. He works best in splatter and dread and Halloween (original) was about the unknown and “HE’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!”
    I love, love, love Rob Zombie but he was much better suited to redo Texas Chainsaw Massacre than Halloween.

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