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I Am So Addicted to This Vlog

I HEART the Bloodshed Brothers’ Youtube channel. Heart, heart, heart. (In an evil and very Halloween-ie way, of course. But yeah. It’s love.)

They look so innocent.

Synopsis: twin brothers Zach and Jeromy have inherited a love of Halloween from their mother and today, build a very cool mega haunt in SoCal called Field of Screams.

They’re documenting their progress daily, which is cool (and hilarious) enough (these dudes really should do standup – they’re like a unisexual George and Gracie).

In addition, they put in tidbits about holidays, girlfriends, swearing, driving their tiny dogs nuts, driving their parents nuts, picking through other people’s stuff (eew), and more.

Go Zach and Jeromy! Keep vlogging. And I love your haunt, dudes!  Check them out, Weenies.


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