A Weenie Life

All things Halloween-ie.

I Miss Myspace

I just do. Oh shut up, you.


The Weenie


Gone but not…wait, what was I saying?

Okay, maybe I should ‘splain a little here. A million years ago (or perhaps a billion), Myspace was born. Tragically, a billion years minus like maybe 3 weeks ago, it was eaten. By Facebook.

And it’s not that I don’t like Facebook. But we’ll talk about all that later.

I liked Myspace because I was able to babble on and nobody said “Hey, cut this short!” And it looked cute. All those cutie-pie backgrounds to choose from, ooo. Those were my two reasons. Those were enough. (I am a Weenie of very simple needs, as you will soon find.)

So I may be pirating some of my old Myspace posts and sticking ‘em here. Enjoy! Oh, and…nice to meet you, my fellow HallowWeenies!


The Weenie


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